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Pink LED Motorcycle Light Kit

Pretty in pink or do you just want the most amazing pink accent lighting for your ride? Either way, you’re buying super-bright, high quality flexible pink LED motorcycle lights for use on any motorcycle. All of our motorcycle LED light kits are fully waterproof and will flex to fit the contours of your ride. Our pink LED motorcycle lights are popular with the ladies and really turn heads with exceptional brightness and visibility.

pink motorcycle led light kit on a harley davidson

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Starting from $39.99

Want a solderless installation? Consider adding these items.

Pink LED Motorcycle Underglow

If you really want to make a statement, you’ve gotta go PINK. Our pink LED motorcycle lights provide vibrant pink light that will keep you safer on the road and give your bike amazing accent lighting.

What's Included?

  • Specified quantity of 12" LED light strips
  • 30 feet of 18GA wire (2x 15′ lengths)
  • Rocker switch
  • Three (3) Spade connectors
  • Three (3) Ring terminal connectors
  • In-Line Fuse Holder with fuse
  • Wire Ties
  • Premium LED Light option provides upgraded LED light strips which are 10% brighter, come with stronger adhesive backing, and have a sleek black look.

Also Consider Adding

Solderless Connection Kit - +$9.99
solderless connection kit

Our solderless connection kit means that there's no need for a soldering iron or solder to connect your new motorcycle accent lighting to your bike. Just snap in the wires you want to connect and you're done!

3M Adhesive Promoter - +$3.99
3M adhesion promoter

Use a 3M adhesion promoter pad to make sure that the area that you're sticking your lights to is squeaky clean for perfect adhesion.

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