LED Light Strips for Motorcycles - Everything You Need to Know

LED Strip Lights for Motorcycles: Everything You Need to Know

led strip lights for motorcycles

LED light strips are used for all kinds of applications from automotive interior lighting, home interior lighting and even Christmas lights for homes. The fact of the matter is, LED strip lighting is absolutely amazing due to it’s cost effectiveness, brightness and versatility. I want to tell you about some of the benefits LED strip lights for motorcycles, i.e. accent lighting.

Put the LED Strip Lights Anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of flexible led strip lights for motorcycles is that they can be put virtually anywhere on your motorcycle, that is, any motorcycle. Under the tank, under fenders, on frame rails, etc. This is a huge advantage over other types of motorcycle led lights like pod lights or light bars since they can’t match the brightness or flexibility of Illumimoto led lights for motorcycles.

You Can Trim LED Light Strips to Size

Here’s a kicker, you can cut LED light strips to size. We offer all of our light strips in our motorcycle led light kits at a length of 12″ so that you can trim as you please rather than other motorcycle led light companies that pre-cut their lights. Not cool.

Trimmable LED light strips are great for motorcycles since you will inevitably need to trim a few to fit in some tight spots or some small areas where you want some really sweet lighting effects like under your gas tank or near your gauges.

High Brightness Output

Strip lights are also some of the brightest types of motorcycle led lights available. The reason for that is because strip lights can have larger LEDs than other types of lights like LED pod lights and they are also flexible so that you can have more LEDs on your motorcycle, making it brighter.

Some of the cheaper led strip lights for motorcycles have cheap and small 3528 SMD LEDs whereas high quality strip lights like Illumimoto motorcycle lights have much larger and brighter 5050 SMD LEDs (they’re also flexible lights).

It’s Easy to Install LED Light Strips on Your Bike

Our LED light strips are easy to install for several reasons:

  • Our LED light strips for motorcycles are totally flexible – you can mount them anywhere without breaking a sweat
  • Little soldering and connections required – you can skip soldering altogether if you use butt connectors (no joke, that’s what they’re called) to splice together wires
  • Easy to perform installation – we include access to detailed step-by-step instructions with every order

The average time to install an Illumimoto LED Light Kit is about 2 hours. Not too bad considering the major aesthetic effect it will have on your bike! All of our kits are switched as well, no stupid key fobs to mess with.

Motorcycles and LED Strip Lighting: A Perfect Match

We’ve done the research for you: LED light strips are the best option for your motorcycle accent lighting. They’re high quality, flexible, versatile and super bright in every color. Why settle for dim pod lights that need to be controlled from an error-prone key fob when you can have tried and true LED strip lights for your motorcycle that are switched and just plain work time after time.

We’re riders too, and we know that you love your bike. Don’t settle for less than the highest quality, brightest led strip lights for your bike from Illumimoto.

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